First Test with WebGL

After hearing a lot of discussions about WebGL, I decided to try it myself using my blog. Even though I had some experience in setting up renderers using OpenGL, I had a hard time getting a window properly setup here, because I have never really done any web programming, and I have never really used javascript.

The nice thing about WebGL is its similarity with OpenGL ES 2.0, and the use of vertex and fragment shader, so it allows you to achieve some really nice effects. There are some sites that show a collection of WebGL applications developed by people, and some have really nice effects that you’d have never thought they can be done through the browser. You can find some of these apps here: Chrome Experiments

A really useful link I found here for setting up WebGL with worldpress: How to Embed Webgl into a WordPress Post

Your browser does not support the canvas tag. This is a static example of what would be seen.


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